Cotton Webbing
Dog Handles & Leashes
100 % Percent Natural Fiber

Mountain Trail Designs, LLC is a product design and development company located in Kennesaw, GA, USA. We offer eco-friendly traffic and training handles and leashes made of heavy-duty cotton webbing and metal hardware.

Our natural fiber dog leashes collection include 3 distinctive designs:

The Badger - a classic dog leash - 4-ft, 6-ft and 8-ft long,
The Wolverine - an adjustable dog leash with a slide buckle that can take the length from 4.5-feet to 7-feet, and
The Grizzly - a two handle dog leash for training and traffic control. The leashes in the Grizzly collection provide a 4, 6, or 8-foot overall length and an adjustable traffic handle.

A Daily Walk or Three!

An invitation to walk your dog daily

Walking does more than just keeping your dog tired and happy!

We all know that dogs need to exercise on a regular basis, not only to to stay fit and maintain their overall health but to release their built-up energy and help keep them from getting bored and exhibiting some of those unwanted destructive behaviors.

We also know we get some benefits ourselves from doing so. The issue is to determine the frequency or number of times we should walk our dog every day.

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Our Handles and Leashes are made with High Quality Cotton Webbing

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Happy Dog, Happy Life!!!

A Dog Sleeping Happily

Every Day is Dog Day!Let's recognize the value and importance of dogs in our lives by showing them our appreciation for all the things they mean and do. Love, honor, and rescue our fuzzy companions!

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Obey Local Leash Laws!To Leash or Not to Leash. If that is the question, we say: "Better Safe than Sorry, the Burden is on Us". In general terms, the Leash Law is an ordinance requiring that dogs be kept on leashes or restrained when not confined to their owner's property. However, leash laws are not that simple. They vary by state and local governments, which means counties, cities, towns, and boroughs may have their own leash laws.

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