Cotton Dog Leashes

Our Adjustable leashes are designed as an alternative for those dog owners who end up having a number of leashes tailored to suit different uses: everyday walk, exercise, hiking, or training. These adjustable length leashes feature a slide buckle that allows dog owners to shorten or lengthen them from 4.5 to 7 leash. Briefly, you have several dog leashes in one!!! You have a long leash, a short leash, and a standard leash. In a pinch, these adjustable length leads can be repurposed as a waist leash! You can change the length of these cotton dog leashes according to the task to be performed. Set the lead to 7 feet and allow your dog to roam freely while hiking without losing control. Adjust the leash to the standard length of 6 feet when walking in the local park, or set the lead to 4.5 feet to walk on a crowded sidewalk peacefully knowing your pet is safely close to you. Apart from offering the advantage of being used in different scenarios, our adjustable dog leashes offer you the chance to customize the lead length based on both you and your dog's height. Take into account that having a leash that is too long or too short will make the walk uncomfortable.

Our adjustable dog leads do not work as retractable leashes. They are not intended to. In fact, we don't recommend retractable leashes. Like any other of our leashes, these adjustable leads are made with sturdy cotton webbing and they require the dog owner to adjust the length manually.

Adjustable Length Leashes - Wolverine Series

Use the slide buckle on these leashes to customize their length from 4.5-feet to 7-feet, or any length in between!

  • Adjustable Length from 4.5 to 7-feet
  • 1-inch wide Heavy-duty COTTON Webbing
  • Heavy-duty Spring Snap
  • D-Ring for Accessories
  • All Metal Hardware (recyclable)

4.5 to 7 feet Adjustable Leashes


Should Retractable Leashes be Considered?

Maybe, if you have a very well-trained dog. Definitely not, if you have a puppy or a dog whose reactions can be unpredictable. We guess retractable leashes are favored by some because they allow dogs more freedom to explore their surroundings. However, from our perspective, the problems overshadow the benefits. Detailed discussions about the pros and cons of such leashes abound. We will just present a couple of arguments for you to consider.

  • The main purpose of a leash is to keep your dog safe and under control while out in public. The longer the leash the less control. Retractable dog leashes can extend up to 26 feet. That is a lot of space between you and your dog. If your dog ends up in trouble while being at the end of that lead, it will be harder to react and regain control of the situation to avoid any accident or injury to your dog or somebody else. What if your dog runs into traffic, makes contact with an aggressive dog, ingests something foreign and you don't even notice it?
  • There are also some issues with the leash itself, especially that thin cord or band typically made of nylon. The number of unpleasant experiences related to that thin cord is high. Briefly, the cord can get tangled, result in burns or cuts, or break and snap back. It is a danger to the dog itself, the owner, other dogs, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Finally, some dogs may strain against the leash. This can cause all sorts of discomfort and even neck injuries. Straining brings another issue. When straining, your dog will be standing tall and slightly forward, a body posture that can be considered aggressive to another dog who may decide to attack. And a non-desirable behaviour is reinforced. The retractable leashes train dogs to pull while being on leash, they quickly learn that pulling extends the lead. The more they pull, the more freedom! Who doesn't want more freedom?
product usage statement

Precautions: Not for tie-out! No leash made from cotton, hemp, soy, nylon, or polypropylene should be used as a tie-out. Many local ordinances prohibit having pets of any kind on a tie-out. The safety and comfort of your best friend is most important.

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