Cotton Dog Leashes
Classic Design

Our classic cotton leash collection offers the traditional dog leash design we all are familiar with: a flat strip with a loop handle and a clip to attach to the collar. Unlike most common leashes, we have chosen a heavy-duty 1" wide 100% top quality cotton webbing which is slightly wider and thicker than the regular nylon leash. We also offer stainless steel or nickel-plated metal hardware. The strong woven fabric plus the rugged metal hardware used in our cotton leashes make them a sturdy, yet flexible and comfortable alternative for controlling and training your 4-footed best friend.

Our classic leads come in three different sizes and seven colors including 4 earth tone colors (olive, brown, maroon, and buff), classic black, vibrant red, and royal blue.

The 4-ft leash is ideal for those scenarios where it is safer to keep your dog at your side all the time in order to have more control. These short leads have the most suitable length for walking your dog on high-traffic streets or even when being trained to stay at your side. The 6-ft leash, known as the standard size leash, is the most common length for leashes since it allows your dog room to explore while keeping him close enough and under your control. It is your best bet to comply with the dog leash laws of most national, state, and city park ordinances. The 8-ft leash gives your dog a larger range to explore when walking on open areas while still offering complete control of your dog if needed. It is also recommended for training purposes.

Classic Leashes Design - Badger Series

Choose the Leash Length that works for you and your beloved pooch!

  • 4, 6, or 8 foot Length
  • 1-inch wide Heavy-duty COTTON Webbing
  • Nickel Plated Bolt Snap
  • D-Ring for Accessories
  • All Metal Hardware (recyclable)

4 foot Dog Leashes - Classic Design


Short dog leash

6 foot Dog Leashes - Classic Design


Standard length leash

8 foot Dog Leashes - Classic Design


Extra long leash

Every traffic control leash comes with a D-ring!

This is a quite versatile feature. It has many uses, including:

  • Hanging a container of poo-poo bags, so your hands and pockets are focused on more important tasks;
  • Hanging a small flashlight, so that it's always with you (especially if you must venture out at night);
  • Attaching an ID tag to the leash so that a professional dog walker, or the doggie day care, does not loose your leash or confuse it with others;
  • As an alternative to the loop handle or the snap hook, the leash can be hung by the D-ring when not in use;
  • Or, anything else one might need to attach, for a more hands-friendly experience.
product usage statement

Precautions: Not for tie-out! No leash made from cotton, hemp, soy, nylon, or polypropylene should be used as a tie-out. Many local ordinances prohibit having pets of any kind on a tie-out. The safety and comfort of your best friend is most important.

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