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Our cotton web dog leads are made of tightly woven cotton webbing, lending to a hefty feel and wonderful vintage styling. This natural fiber with a robust quality provides strength, durability, and comfort while helping you make an eco-friendly statement. All the leashes have rugged metal hardware including a robust bolt snap and a D-ring for hanging accessories. Our dog leashes are 1" wide, come in 4 earth tone colors with a vintage look (olive, brown, maroon, and buff), and 2 different designs. The Badger is the classic dog leash (4ft, 6ft, and 8ft long) and the Grizzly is a two handle dog leash with and adjustable traffic handle (three sizes: 4, 6, and 8 foot).

The cotton dog leashes in our Badger Collection also come in Black, Red, and Royal Blue!

Classic Dog Leashes - Badger Series

 4ft $20.00    -    6ft $22.00    -    8ft $24.00

The cotton dog leashes in our "BADGER"-series are a true classic. These eco-friendly leashes offer a 100% natural fiber construction which makes the leads comfortable and washable.

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The heavy-duty cotton webbing used in our leashes also provides the strength needed to keep your dog in control, even when the leash gets wet. Remember, cotton web leashes do not get slippery!

Our cotton webbing dog leashes are stylish, washable, durable, strong, and comfortable. These leads stay flexible with age and will get softer with the use without loosing their strength. Apart from the qualities provided by the natural fibers in the cotton webbing, we have paid special attention to the details in order to come up with a quality product we are proud of and you will be proud to own.

The Leash's Width - Knowing that a wider dog leash is stronger dog leash, we have chosen a 1" wide cotton webbing over the commonly used 5/8" leashes. Our heavy-duty cotton webbing has a tight weave and outstanding strength characteristics. Furthermore, a wider dog leash distributes the loads on your hands and wrists, making for a more comfortable experience.

The Leash's Metal Hardware - More durable than plastic, all of the hardware on these rugged leashes are metal, either stainless steel or nickel-plated. Plus, metal is infinitely recyclable. The clasps on our cotton dog leads are robust Bolt Snaps, and we include a thick, welded steel D-ring for hanging keys, identification, a flashlight, or whatever you might need to carry along.

The Leash's Structural Stitching - Bar tacks are utilized at all stitch points, with multiple bar tacks at all high load points. Bar tacks are a textile industry standard for products that experience heavy loads and rough environments.

Two Handle Leashes - Grizzly Series

 4ft $28.50    -    6ft $29.50    -    8ft $30.50

Our "GRIZZLY"-series take dog leashes to the next level by providing a 4, 6, or 8-foot overall length with a adjustable traffic handle. Basically two leashes in one, especially perfect as a dog training leash.

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It allows you to train your dog how to walk in different scenarios from open to more restricted spaces. The additional handle keeps him close to you when more control is needed. This adjustable traffic handle is also very useful to allow kids to lead the dog while you stay in control by holding the main handle.

Advantages of a Two Handle Dog Leash - Having a two handle dog leash provides several advantages. Training a dog to walk on a leash is one of them. As a dog training leash, the Grizzly lead will allow you to teach your dog how to walk in different scenarios. Set the adjustable traffic handle to your preferred distance and switch back and forth from a long to a short leash in order to show your dog how to behave in both open and closed areas (local parks vs. crowded urban sidewalks). The additional handle will help you have your dog as close to you as needed increasing traffic control.

Our two handle dog leash is also perfect to teach your kids how to be pack leaders. Position the adjustable traffic handle to a comfortable length for your kid and let him or her lead the dog without ever loosing control over the leash. You have the peace of mind that you are still holding the main handle and can cushion the dog's pulls whenever needed.

Every cotton dog leash comes with a D-ring!

This is a quite versatile feature. It has many uses, including:

  • Hanging a container of poo-poo bags, so your hands and pockets are focused on more important tasks;
  • Hanging a small flashlight, so that it's always with you (especially if you must venture out at night);
  • Attaching an ID tag to the leash so that a professional dog walker, or the doggie day care, does not loose your leash or confuse it with others;
  • As an alternative to the loop handle or the snap hook, the leash can be hung by the D-ring when not in use;
  • Or, anything else one might need to attach, for a more hands-friendly experience.
product usage statement

Precaution: Not for tie-out! No leash made from cotton, hemp, soy, nylon, or polypropylene should be used as a tie-out. Many local ordinances prohibit having pets of any kind on a tie-out. The safety and comfort of your best friend is most important.

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