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I decided to stop buying nylon leashes because my beloved mutt can't stop lunging at everything while hiking. I heard cotton leashes reduce the risk of rope burn, so I took a chance, searched the web and found this online store Mountain Designs. I've got to say. It was worthy. The double handle leash I ended up buying feels more comftable and the second handle allows me to get a quick grip on Niko when the lunges happen. So far, so good.

our ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsYvonne D. (Denver, CO)

My custom-made leash and collar are perfect. I love the feel and look of the cotton webbing and the brass leash clip is sturdy and works beautifully. The workmanship is excellent. And to boot, the customer service was top-notch - a real pleasure!

our ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsNora J. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

I found Mountain Trail Designs, LLC on my quest for the perfect leash for my West Highland Terrier, Murphy. David was so patient as I tried to explain what kind of leash I wanted. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my many questions. Through our conversations David helped me achieve what I was looking for. The specifications were: it had to be 8 ft. in length, it had to have black cotton webbing, a D-Ring, adjustable traffic handle, with chocolate brown trim. The adjustable traffic handle is perfect for me because I feel like I'm maintaining control. Their leashes are everything they promise and more. Made in Kennesaw, GA, USA!.

our ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsRhonda L. (Madison, WI)

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LOVE the classic collar and leash. So plain and simple and sturdy, exactly what we were looking for. And the David was so nice and helpful throughout the whole process.

our ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsAngela K. (Kailua, HI)

Great Leashes! Perfect for My Daughter's German Shepherds!!!

our ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsMary S. (Peoria, Illinois)

Durable, Pretty, and perfect for my puppy :)

our ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsour ratingsJordana S. (Bradley Beach, NJ)

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