Obey Local Leash Laws!

a dog asking his owner to obey the local leash law

To Leash or Not to Leash!

If that is the question, we say: "Better Safe than Sorry, the Burden is on Us"

In general terms, the Leash Law is an ordinance requiring that dogs be kept on leashes or restrained when not confined to their owner's property. However, leash laws are not that simple. They vary by state and local governments, which means counties, cities, towns, and boroughs may have their own leash laws. Some local governments require a leash no matter what, while others may require their use in certain areas like parks and wildlife areas. They may even vary by the breed of dog or time of the day. There are also specifications regarding the length of the leash. It is always a good practice to contact your home state for some clarity and detailed information about the local leash law.

Apart from the local legal law, we suggest to bring back some common sense to the equation, as well as the little bit of human and dog behavior knowledge we may have. The premise is simple: Not every dog owner will follow the leash law and not every dog will respond effectively to verbal restrains. Sure, we can not control everything around us, but why not trying to increase our chances of success by playing by the rules and avoid putting our beloved four-legged friend in a risky situation? If a leash will help me to keep reasonable control over my own dog, I'll take it.

As dog owners we are not only responsible for our fuzzy companion, we must think about public safety. If we let our dog run at large despite a leash law, we can expect the same misbehavior from other dog owners. Under these circumstances things can escalate pretty quickly. If dogs run away from us we may end up with a dog bitting or dog attack scenario, or even worse ... and what could have been a simple warning can turn into a fine for violating a leash law, or even a serious lawsuit. We can certainly avoid that by taking responsibility of those little things we can control. The burden is on US!

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