Traffic - Training
Dog Handle Leashes

Very short leashes, approximately two feet or less, do not seem to have an official name. They are sometimes referred to as traffic leashes, training handle leads, city leashes, or handle dog leash. Some people use the term training tab or handle tab even though technically tabs have no loops, while leads do - which we believe offer a more secure way to get a quick grip on your dog. No matter how you refer to them or name them, these pet accessories serve a specific function: they are designed to maintain tight control of your dog whether in urban environments with heavy traffic and crowded sidewalks or during training sessions.

Our very short leashes are made of 1-inch wide tightly woven cotton webbing. They come in 4 earth tone colors with a vintage look (olive, brown, maroon, and buff), and have rugged metal hardware including a nickel-plated bolt snap, a stainless steel plate, and a D-ring for hanging accessories. Our training cotton leashes feature a 9 inch self-loop handle connected to a 5 inch leash with a stainless steel plate making the overall length 18" (1.5 ft) long, making this the right length for a traffic lead you can use for heeling, walking your dog in public, and for dogs that can be unpredictable or shy and insecure around other dogs or people.

Dog Handle - Leashes for Traffic and Training

Useful for training, healing, and keeping your pooch at your side, safe from traffic!

  • 1.5 foot Overall Length
  • 1-inch wide Heavy-duty Cotton Webbing
  • Nickel Plated Bolt Snap
  • D-Ring for Accessories
  • All Metal Hardware (recyclable)

18 inches Long Traffic Handle Leash


Every Traffic - Training Handle Leash comes with a D-ring!

product usage statement

Precaution: Not for tie-out! No leash or handle made from cotton, hemp, soy, nylon, or polypropylene should be used as a tie-out. Many local ordinances prohibit having pets of any kind on a tie-out. The safety and comfort of your best friend is most important.

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