A Daily Walk or Three!

invitation to walk your dog on a regular basis

Walking does more than just keeping your dog tired and happy!

We all know that dogs need to exercise on a regular basis, not only to stay fit and maintain their overall health but to release their built-up energy and help keep them from getting bored and exhibiting some of those unwanted destructive behaviors.

We also know we get some benefits ourselves from doing so. The issue is to determine the frequency or number of times we should walk our dog every day. The answers varies, of course. There is no recipe. It depends on the dog's age, breed, and health as well as our own lifestyle and working schedules.

As a general rule ... try your best, just do not stop walking. You can compensate for those days when life gets in the way and only a short walk around the neighborhood is possible. Fifteen minutes today can turn into 30 minutes tomorrow, or even a whole hour-long ramble in the nearest local or state park. A casual walk one day may be followed by a more strenuous walk at a steady pace the following one. Pay close attention to your pooch, you will know what he/she needs. Sooner rather than later, you will find a way to figure out a way to create a walking schedule that works for the both of you.

And remember this is a win - win situation. You tire your pet out while unwinding yourself from your busy, eclectic, mind-absorbing daily routine. Just press that pause button and spend some quality time with your pooch.

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